Atletico Madrid-Juventus 2-0: goal by Gimenez and Godin

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Heavy defeat in Madrid for the bianconeri, put under by Simeone’s team especially in the second half. Traverse of Griezmann, canceled a goal to Morata.

The garra charrua sinks Juventus. Waiting for the return of Turin on March 12 Atletico takes home the first round with a 2-0 signed by Gimenez and Godin, Uruguayan central always ready for battle.

A well-deserved triumph with a goal eaten by Diego Costa, a cross from Griezmann and a goal canceled by Var to Morata for a decidedly strong push to Chiellini.

Simeone chooses, changes, pushes, haranges, proves us. Allegri much less, like Juve: off, confused, shy.


With Khedira in Turin operated for the arrhythmia discovered yesterday, Allegri points to Bentancur, behind it is De Sciglio and not Cancelo.

In the Atletico the surprise is Diego Costa, first time holder since December 2 and preferred to Morata as a partner of Griezmann.

In the middle the muscular quartet: Saul, Partey, Rodrigo and Koke, returning after a month of stop.


In a game between two teams that do not particularly like the ball is Juventus to start in a more convincing, with the Atletico mono-schematic: long ball to Diego Costa from center sorts to those who approach him.

The Brazilian of Spain since he returned to Madrid has more cards than goals (16-11) and he remedied a fool and heavy: advances in the barrier, the referee warns him and finally warns him excluding him from the return.

Partey also disqualified, who at the end of the first half made a senseless uproar on Dybala, and Alex Sandro who at the beginning has stretched out Rodrigo.


The punishment above is performed masterfully by Ronaldo, who from 30 meters forces Oblak to save himself in the corner with his left hand open.

For Juventus it is a blaze that remains isolated. Atletico grows but does not create much and after another start, a penalty whistled to De Sciglio for foul on Diego Costa who is not only out of area but also seems a brilliant simulation of the attacker.

The game is flattened, with Allegri in difficulty especially in the middle, where Bentancur moves in a vacuum accompanied by Pjanic and Matuidi. Only Dybala is shown, and it is not enough.


Ronaldo has also died out, when Juanfran rolls hard when he complains. The public catches him by inviting him to pay taxes  and he shows the “manita”: the 5 Champions won in his career. Or the 5 Golden Balls.


At the start of filming two great opportunities for Atletico: after a mistake by Chiellini in air control, Griezmann launches Diego Costa in solitude, a hoarse conclusion that goes incredibly to the side.

Then it is Koke who serves Griezmann who tries a lob that seems perfect until Szczesny does not put his fingers and sends it on the crossbar, on the rebound great reflection of Chiellini that avoids the goal of Griezmann.

Juve struggled, Simeone quickly tested with Morata, Lemar and Correa for Costa, Partey and Koke.


Allegri responds with Emre Can, who enters after the second intervention of the Var, which cancels the goal of Morata, perfect head break on the cross of Filipe Luis, for a boost of former Juventus on Chiellini that the Atletico players they protest with great vehemence. The contact seems really mild.


The one-two of Atletico arrives between 78 ‘and 83. Two actions from a standstill, melee, confusion and the paws of Gimenez after a header from Morata and Godin from a tight angle passes the ball between Ronaldo (who touches back), Szczesny and the right pole.

At the first goal Simeone brings his hands to the horse, to frame his “huevos”. The attributes that his Atletico has spread on the grass of the Metropolitan in large quantities.

Allegri reacted with Bernardeschi who had the second occasion of Juventus, an hour and a quarter after the first penalty by Ronaldo.

The Metropolitan is at its first “grand noche” and sings ecstatically. Juventus in Turin will have to do the business.



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